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I loved returning to the Bloodfire series.  Tempted by Fire was awesome and book 2 was just as fun and enjoyable.  Samantha and Warrick were strong characters that worked well together, and the conflicts fit within the story and kept the story moving quickly. I enjoyed watching them come together, though I have to admit I wanted more moments of passion because it was clear that these two could be explosive together. The final battle Samantha took part in was great!  She kicked serious ass and her moment when she reaches out to Warrick during his battle to make sure he didn't kill more than their enemies while consumed in his battle lust:

"I'm cold, Warrick. I'm cold, and I hurt...Look with human eyes. You know me. I belong to you," the voice said. "You were very clear on that point. But you also belong to me, which is why I'm not leaving..."

The voice drifted off, and he found he missed it.

"You have eighteen freckles," he said without having to look.

But the human woman wasn't there anymore.


Oh, God. Samantha.

Loved that scene and what follows (Don't worry, I didn't give enough to spoil it), I just thought that was so poignant. I'm excited to find out what happens in book 3 and I hope that Mack makes more of an appearance in the series.

Book gifted in exchange for an honest review.