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This story had two strong characters, both set in their beliefs and what they wanted out of life.  Evangeline is a very modern woman who sets out to steal back an artifact that was taken from her family 15 years ago. She seduces Gawain by playing a whore and after their night together, she leaves with the artifact. Now Gawain won' stop till he confronts her and has another taste of this woman that he craves.  When he arrives at her home, he discovers plots, enemies, and the threat to doing something honorable. It was a fun cat and mouse pairing between the two of them, each stealing from the other the same artifact. The conflict was strong, the plot was steady, and for the most part the love story sweet with a teensy bit of emotional strife and turmoil thrown in.

For those who love great and passionate love scenes, this one doesn't have it. There is passion and they do have sex a lot, but nothing is described. It was like the romances in the 90s. It starts with passionate kissing and then you go to the next paragraph or turn the page and it is the next day. This lack didn't detract from the love story and I liked the two characters quite a bit, just want to give you a heads up about what to expect and not.

My one negative about this story is about Gawain's lack of desire to marry and believe in love.  He was so against a true relationship. For the majority of the story he staid steadfast and harsh in what he wanted out of life and what he Didn't, and he didn't want her long term. Then he was suddenly fine with it once they are in Sicily. I don't understand what caused him to change his mind so abruptly. He didn't explain to her why he suddenly wanted her in his life after being so against it. It would have been more believable if she left him and he came to realize his mistake and went after her, or if he explained that when she almost died he realized he needed her in his life. But even after she almost died, he is still against it and remote around her all throughout their travels from England to Sicily, so I don't know what changed for him. I would have liked it if when he tested her in Sicily, she proved to him she loved him but wasn't going to push him. She accepted who he was and what he wanted and if his original proposal was no longer available than she would not get in his way of his dreams. Or something along those lines. That was my only negative, I don't understand what ended up changing his mind.  I am glad his mind changed and I loved their wedding, that was romantic and sweet!

Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.