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Lady Patience's Christmas Kitten - Ava Stone

A cute and innocent romance about Lady Patience who wants to protect her kitten from being thrown outside who is accidently bitten by her kitten.  Dr. Campion is called in the check on her bite.  The moment they meet sparks fly.  Dr. Campion comes to her rescue when her mom insists she gets rid of the kitten and says he will take her kitten home with him.  The next day he comes back to check on his patient and Patience's sister helps with an excuse for them to spend more time together by going to Dr. Campion's home to see her kitten.  While spending time together they kiss, she aids him in helping a little boy with a broken leg, and they decide they want to get married (less than 24 hours after meeting each other).  Of course, there are obstacles they have to overcome and he ends up defying the Duke of Danby's edict that he is not welcome at the Christmas Ball.  Well, he won't have it and shows up to find Patience.  They have a happily ever after and that is the story in a nutshell.  Super short story and a sweet read.  This book, and Lady, It's Cold Outside, would be a good story for young teens who want an introduction to romance.

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.