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Archangel's Enigma (Guild Hunter) - Nalini Singh

Naasir has always been an interesting character with unique and unknown origins. He left Archangel's Shadows having declared he was on a hunt for his mate. He finds it in a woman that on the surface, after his initial meeting with her, believes her unfit to be his mate so she isn't. But when they spar late at night and one of her many secrets are revealed he starts to reconsider that this scholar could possibly be his mate; he just has to persuade her to give up her vow of celibacy. When she is kidnapped he rushes to her aid and their adventure to save a sleeping Archangel begins. Their story is filled with great dialogue between the two, Singh succeeds in making his mannerisms appear not quite human, and when passion finally overcomes them damn was it explosive!  That scene was intense! Their story was fun, full of adventure, near death experiences, and witty banter. The secondary characters' aid in moving along the story rather than slowing it down. I enjoyed this one and am happy that they were able to find a way to eliminate the blood vow that forced her to leave Naasir's side. It was beautifully done.