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The Prince and I (The Oxenburg Princes) - Karen Hawkins

The second book in the Oxenburg Princes was a sweet and romantic story. Not too complicated or dramatic. Very light and entertaining. There wasn't a lot of emotional turmoil between the two main characters. It was slow at times but overall the plot and conflict were good. I enjoyed reading it. It had elements of the Robin Hood story to it just like book one, The Prince Who Loved Me, had elements of Cinderella. Tata Natasha was back to her old tricks and she is just a fun and strong character. Both Murian and Max (the name he preferred going by) were dedicated to their people, so they were reluctant to come together though attraction was strong and the passion powerful between the two at times. How they come together for their happily ever after was original and I liked it. Overall, an enjoyable and sweet read.