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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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The Danger of Desire (The Sinful Suitors) - Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries knows how to spin a tale with strong characters and an emotionally charged plot. This one was so enjoyable to read and the series has blossomed into yet another deliciously successful endeavor for Sabrina Jeffries. Warren is a scarred man with a notorious reputation. Delia is a strong and very independent woman who has her own views that she isn't afraid to share. When Warren discovers her sneaking off in the dead of night to gamble in the Stews of London he follows in order to scare some sense into her. What he comes to discover is a "boy" who is very adept at playing cards and when he realizes this "boy" is actually Delia, he is furious that she would risk herself. Well, she doesn't take his strong-minded views of what she should or shouldn't be doing and she progresses to enlighten Warren as well as snag his passionate and undivided attention. I enjoyed their ride to the alter and her not giving up in showing him that his idea of marriage was one she refused to accept. I look forward to Brilliana and Niell's story next. It looks like it could be quite explosive!