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Book two was just as wonderful, passionate, and intense as book one. Loved it from page one to the very last page. The battle at the end was perfect and the surprises throughout the plot kept me on my toes. Tara has lived the last 5 years in a convent, forgotten by her guardian and separated from her sister.  When her guardian suddenly shows up and tells her that her sister is dead and she is now to marry her sisters betrothed she isn't happy about it.  When she arrives, she is attacked and saved by a man she cannot see in the dark.  The man steals a kiss telling her he is her betrothed. When she finally makes it to her new home she is greeted by Hugh, her future husband who is quite drunk and not the man she kissed.  While there dreading her marriage and wanting to escape, she comes to realize that the nature of her sister's death was very suspect. It was definitely a who-done-it mystery thrown into a passionate, romantic tale of two unlikely allies. From the moment Magnus steals the kiss as the "wrong eldest son", their story just gets better and better. I loved it. The conflict and villains were well-crafted and the next chapter in the Kincaid saga for vengeance stacked right up there with book one.  I highly recommend this series.