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I always love returning to Jennifer Ashley's Shifter world.  The stories are always passionate and the adventures are always enjoyable.  This one didn't disappoint. I loved watching Kendrick and Addison come together. I thought it was super romantic that she was a waitress at a diner and he was the quiet customer that always came in right before closing with his three boys and ordered pie. They never spoke but man was there attraction. When the diner is shot up and she learns the truth she doesn't run, she protects his kids and then she kisses him when it is time to say goodbye.  He rushes to her rescue later and they are inseparable from then on.  I enjoyed their adventure and how they fell in love.  She was such a strong female lead and he was just yummy.  If you have followed Ashley's Shifters Unbound series, you will not be disappointed with this installment.