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It was so much fun watching Patrick MacGregor fall to the "curse" of love that all of his relatives before him fell. He has run from the ideals of his childhood and revels in his rogue and wandering lifestyle, so when he meets Charlie he knows he should run for the hills and not look back but he can't for the life of him leave. He knows what is happening and knows what she could mean to him but he keeps deluding himself into thinking he can handle it and leave once he has won her as a conquest. Charlie has no need for a man and in fact sees all men as the same; greedy, self-centered, and cruel beings. She knows Patrick is bad news but she can't stop thinking about him or wanting his kiss. Their journey was so enjoyable and I really enjoyed watching Patrick fall in love. His internal struggle and the fact that he convinced himself that he can resist falling for her was just fun.  The conflict was great. The villain was strong. There were surprises and suspense and emotional turmoil that kept me coming back for more. Loved it and love Paula Quinn's take on historical romance.