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Willa has been on the run for years and she has lost the ability to trust anyone. Jackson is a quite reflective sort of man who doesn’t share or show his feelings that often and for the past two years hasn’t seen what has been right under his nose, Willa, but when she hints at the need to move on all of a sudden he sees her and wants her. Willa has had a crush on Jackson all two years she has worked in his family's garage, but when he suddenly sees her, she realizes her façade that helped her disappear in a crowd is gone. Jackson doesn’t want her to leave and starts to get to know that her life has been rough and in order to win her trust he has to work extra hard to show her that he is one of the good guys. I enjoyed watching them grow closer, fall in love, and learn to open up to each other. Willa wasn’t the only one who needed to learn to trust. I have been trying out more contemporary romances lately and I am finding them refreshing. I enjoyed this small town romance that was passionate enough and with enough edge to it that it didn’t fall into the "Hallmark/Lifetime romance category, which I don’t like. Willa’s past experiences gave it an edginess and a dark undertone that made it both sweet and real, but not rose-colored-glasses sweet. I enjoyed it. I want more from the Abbot brothers for sure.