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This was an enjoyable story. The action was fast paced. The conflict was good and multi-faceted. You don’t really know who the villain is until the end.  The characters are entertaining. I have not read book one and I recommend reading that one before this second book. I was a bit lost in the beginning because it does become clear their relationship dynamics were already set up and started in the previous book. Without that background, I thought it was sometimes hard to keep up with whether they liked each other but liked to tease and torment, or if they did in fact not like each other until she leaves the island. He comes across as aloof and cold one minute then flirty in a sort of cold stand-offish way the next. She kept telling him not to call her or visit her dreams but then he is the first person she hopes comes for her. I think if I had read book 1 first, I would have been better set for chapter 1 of this book. I really did enjoy it. The book reminded me a bit of Cynthia Eden’s The Devil in Disguise. He is this big and bad and dark character in the immortal world and she is this young spitfire sent in to shake things up. Their adventure was fun and I enjoyed how it all ended. 

"I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily post this review. This is my honest review."