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Christmas in Atlantis - Alyssa Day

I enjoyed Dare and Lyric's story. I heard about them when I read January in Atlantis, so I looked forward to going back and reading about them. Dare is a pirate who has lost his ship due to some poor choices and when near death, the only place he wants to be is with Lyric. When he stumbles into her art studio and collapses, Lyric is terrified that she has lost her chance to tell Dare that she has loved him for a while.  She nurses him back to health and he whisks her to Atlantis for Christmas. He knows he is no good to her, but can't help wanting to be by the woman he loves, but it becomes impossible to be just friends. Their story was passionate and sweet.  I really liked Lyric as a character, she was dynamic and easy to relate to. She hates being defined by her disability (blindness), and the few times people treat her like something less, she really stands up for herself which I loved watching.  Love the series and look forward to more.